Videos, Podcasts & Webcasts


As part of my community work, I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved in an array (no pun intended 😉) of online tech and community related videos, webcasts and interviews.

Check out some of my appearances and contributions below on other's forums...

MVP Show with Mark Smith - Lewis Baybutt on Empowering Tech Futures

In this awesome podcast, the MVP Show hosted by the incredible Mark Smith, myself and Mark discussed all things my journey into tech, joining the MVP program, and empowering tech futures. Check it out!

Power Platform Connections

In this super fun interview on the Power Platform Connections show, myself, David and Hugo in the Power Platform Community team discussed all things, Power Platform, Cars and Food! Check it out 🙌

#MVPBuzzChat with Lewis Baybutt

When I was awarded the Microsoft MVP award in February 2023, the awesome Christian Buckley reached out to me to be on his webcast! In this chat we discussed my journey into tech and joining the MVP program.

Shortlist Virtual Roundtable - Young People Getting into Power Platform with Lewis Baybutt

So in this virtual roundtable run by the awesome Sarah Jones at Shortlist Recruitment, I discussed my journey into tech and the topic of getting young people into Power Platform. This was an awesome conversation with some great community friends in attendance! 🚀

#LessCodeMorePower with Dona Sarkar

So one of the first ever webcasts I was invited on, and a super exciting one at that, was Microsoft's #LessCodeMorePower show, hosted by Dona Sarkar. In this episode, me and Dona took a look at some of my work in the education sector, where I'd built several solutions for my Sixth Form's academic trust, whilst still a student. We focused on a classroom emergency solution I'd built, which was one of my first ever Power Apps.

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