Bletchley Park AI User Group

Photo of the Bletchley Park AI Microsoft User Group Launch event at SCIOT, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes

Hello Bletchley Park AI friends! 👋

We are a community group for people interested in Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft technologies. Founded by Stephanie Stasey, Microsoft Principal CSAM, and Lewis Baybutt (MVP), and organised by the committee Stephanie Stasey, Lewis Baybutt, Chris Huntingford and Leon Gordon (Microsoft MVPs), we're welcoming all of our friends, local community members and both technical and non-technical AI fanatics around the world to the birthplace of AI.

Bletchley Park AI Microsoft User Group sessions are driven by world class speakers from organisations like Microsoft, GitHub, and more.

Join our community today by following us on LinkedIn and check out some of our upcoming events below.

Upcoming events to join us at

For all of our upcoming events, please check out our Meetup page, which is linked below.

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