Microsoft Ignite 2022 – Doing more with less

So! I’ve just had a pretty insane experience, attending the UK Spotlight of Microsoft Ignite 2022 and well… I’ve got a LOT to share! In this post, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite announcements made from Seattle, and my experiences… READ MORE [
Microsoft Ignite 2022 – Doing more with less
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So! I’ve just had a pretty insane experience, attending the UK Spotlight of Microsoft Ignite 2022 and well… I’ve got a LOT to share! In this post, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite announcements made from Seattle, and my experiences speaking at, and attending Microsoft Ignite UK Spotlight!


So… the bit that gets everyone talking… what have Microsoft announced at Ignite this year? Here’s my favourite announcements, out of the many more awesome things spoken about at Ignite 22…

Microsoft Designer

One of the awesome things announced by Satya Nadella in the keynote of Ignite this year was Microsoft Designer! Microsoft Designer is a graphic design web based app that helps you create professional quality social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, graphics and more! Built into the Microsoft stack and 10x easier than needing to learn how to use a more complex tool than something like photoshop, this is an awesome announcement!

Microsoft Places

Another awesome announcement from Satya, was Microsoft Places. With Microsoft Places, Microsoft are delivering a platform that will reimagine hybrid and in-person work, and that will deliver solutions that coordinate where work happens, and optimise the workplace for changing needs such as hybrid work.

Edge Workspaces

Edge workspaces was one of my favourite announcements from Ignite. With Edge workspaces, Microsoft now provide a browser where users can better collaborate, now in a web workspace. This allows groups to see the same set of tabs, keeping everyone on the same page.

Bringing AI to Power Automate for Natural Language Generated Cloud Flows

Following on from the technology shown by Satya Nadella and Sam Altman, from OpenAI, where natural language can be automatically generated into code, Microsoft are bringing this technology to Power Automate, similar to some of the announcements we’ve recently seen with Power Automate and AI driven Power Fx formulas.

You will now be able to input natural language into Power Automate, and it will generate your flow, leaving you to simply add the connectors and test it out!

UK Spotlight Day 1

So… moving onto my time at Microsoft Ignite! I was lucky enough to be selected as a speaker for the UK Spotlight alongside some awesome other people, allowing me to not only attend, but engage in a table talk at Ignite on day 1. Day 1 was jam packed with awesome fun and engagement…

Getting to Ignite…

So… my fun began before even getting to the location of the UK Spotlight for Ignite. I decided to put the location into my maps app and let it direct me from my hotel in Manchester, to the event… needless to say it didn’t quite point me in the direction and I almost got casually lost. Luckily, Microsoft had my back covered with some cool ‘event this way’ signs for Microsoft Ignite… and so the event began!

Tweets with replies by Lewis Baybutt #MSIgnite 👀🙌🤩 (@lowcodelewis) / Twitter

Why shift to a unified cloud ecosystem

So… a HUGE, GIGANTIC, AWESOME highlight from Day 1, was my session with Chris Huntingford, Pieter Veenstra and Charlie Phipps. I was honoured to be talking alongside such awesome people in the tech space, where we discussed why we should look at the shift to a unified cloud ecosystem.

It’s pretty easy to say we had some BIG opinions and fun in this talk and shared some great thoughts with the room, who engaged with us brilliantly with their own questions on the topic.

Being my first conference I’ve spoken at, other than the small user group I co-run… this was a pretty big career stand out point for me!

Thank you to Microsoft for having me at Ignite! You rock!

Interview with Bunmi Durowoju

If day 1 wasn’t already good enough, I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Bunmi Durowoju and well… this really was the big highlight of Ignite for me! Me and Bunmi had an AWESOME conversation prior to her then asking me if I’d be happy being interviewed by her on how I’m enjoying Manchester and Ignite being in the area!

An absolute stand out conversation, which really made my time at Ignite special! Thank you Bunmi!

UK Spotlight Day 2

With even more awesomeness on UK Spotlight Day 2, I was so lucky to meet some awesome people and assist with moderating a few sessions alongside my colleague Pieter Veenstra. Day 2 was just as amazing as Day 1, and I got to see my interview displayed on the screens around the warehouse at Ignite… it was INSANE! 😍

So! That’s a wrap on Ignite 22 for me! I hope you enjoyed Ignite as much as me, whether you attended in person, you were at a Spotlight, or you were joining online! If you didn’t catch Ignite this year… keep your eyes peeled for it being announced in 2023! 🙂

Now… time for South Coast Summit tomorrow!

Written by
Lewis Baybutt
Microsoft Business Applications MVP • Power Platform Consultant • Blogger • Community Contributor • #CommunityRocks • #SharingIsCaring
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